Pip - Cat Photography in an Apple Orchard

We found Pip in an apple orchard, hence the name and the photographs.  There was no mother cat around and someone took all of her siblings.  Since she was all alone, we called some cat rescues; they advised us to bring her home since she was so young.  She is doing well, and was formally adopted by someone I know really well.  These are some of her first photos, when she was still very tiny. 


Furamily - Bay Area Pet Photographer

Sorry, my website was down for strange reasons for the past few days.  I'm still working out the kinks.  Thanks for your patience. Here is another furamily session from December.  This session was very emotional for me as it was one of the first fur baby sessions I captured since losing my dear Olive which I haven't even been able to post about here, but I did muster some strength to give her a tribute on Facebook which was here .  I miss my girl so much!  :(

These animal companion photographs were captured in Camp Hill, PA