Photographs help us freeze the memories we mean to keep.

Carisa L. Kozicki

Let’s get started . . .

CarisaK Photography is a full service, custom boutique photography business.  Each regular session is customized for my clients.  Before we even schedule the session we will talk about you, or your family, or your canine companion to discuss how I can best capture and portray “you”.  We’ll discuss how to create a session that is suited for you and any subjects to be photographed.

I’m a visual storyteller.  I look forward to documenting a little bit of your story.  With that premise in mind, every package I offer includes two things (as well as additional items): a professionally crafted wall print and a small album or book from your session.  As a professional photographer and storyteller, part of my job includes creating and offering you, my client, finished products.  I don’t want you to have to do any work after the session is over; this is my job and part of the experience you receive with CarisaK  Photography. 

It’s my belief that photographs are better when shared.  Let’s get them off of the USB drives, off of the phones, and off of the computers.  Let’s get them back on your walls, back on your coffee tables, and back in family albums so they can become a permanent part, an heirloom if you will, of your family’s history.

I also offer Celebration Sessions for senior pets (10 years or older) or those that may be terminally ill.  These are sessions meant to celebrate your bond and relationship with your special animal companion. 

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Full length sessions begin at $195

Packages begin at $375

Terminally ill or senior canine companion sessions are available beginning at $125

In order to dedicate my time to clients looking for the full CarisaK experience, I only offer petite, limited edition sessions a few times a year, to find out when, please join my Facebook page and email newsletter list.