Howliday Hounds Mini Shoots at the Tree Farm! - CarisaK holiday mini sessions in central pa

This is what I'll be doing this weekend!  Contact me for a spot as these are canine companion friendly and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Morris Animal Foundation!  They are members of your family too, so include them in the holiday photos! In honor of  my dear beloved Olive . . .we miss you! xoxo


Milk - Helping Normalize Full Term Breastfeeding with Visual Imagery

A PERSONAL PROJECT Last year I began a project about a topic I find very important to discuss and to help "normalize".  It's a hot topic these days and widely discussed among moms.  Here is a glimpse from my Facebook page of some of the images from my project.  These are women nursing their babies and toddlers, I'm in there too (thanks to my hubby)!

I talked with each mama about her nursing relationship and then photographed her with her nursling in everyday life.  See, nursing moms are teachers, soccer players, entrepreneurs, nurses, stay at home moms, and photographers.  Those are just a few rolls that mamas have.  ;)

This project is to meant to share how natural, beautiful, and normal full term nursing is.  There are a lot of people posting extreme images or shocking images such as an upside down nude mother nursing her nude child.  Even images where the mamas are all dressed up all while standing in a creek or river nursing seem foreign to me, and I've definitely nursed in some interesting places.  In my opinion, these types of images, while often beautifully done, conflict with the very nature of trying to help normalize breastfeeding.  That's okay, everyone is entitled to their creative expression and freedom.

And yes, it is full term nursing.  To me, extended means there was some arbitrary deadline.  And that's just silly.

If you would like to be included in this project or find out more about the nursing mini sessions, please email me at

Thank you!



CarisaK Photography is now booking sessions in California! Bay Area Family Photographer

Now that my blog has the ability to post (I think) easily to Facebook too, I might come back here and make some posts. Yeah!  ;)  So, I'm going to attempt to blog as many of the ones I didn't as I can before we get too far into 2013! Meet Baby Enzo and his adoring parents!  Family photographs in Mechanicsburg, PA









Welcome to the New Blog and Website!

Welcome to my new blogsite for CarisaK Photography!  Currently you can still view my old blog at; however, I will be removing that in a few months.

I decided to compile all of my sites into one area which I hope makes it less confusing trying to find samples of my work all under one domain name,

Please feel free to take a look around the site and let me know your feedback.  Although I've already started tweaking a few things, I really wanted the site to be complete before releasing it to the world.  :) 

Rarely is a post complete without an image!  I'll be posting the other clients that I have only been posting on my FACEBOOK PAGE

photo by Brian Kozicki