Marcie & Brett's Charming Wedding

Beth and I had so much fun photographing Marcie and Brett's wedding at the end of the summer.  Marcie and Brett's wedding was on their family's gorgeous property, and the reception was at their lovely home.  There were so many things I loved about this wedding, but mostly I loved Marcie, Brett, and Tiger, their dog.   Tiger seemed to have impeccable timing, for example  take a look at the walk down the aisle.  Tiger just showed up as Marcie started toward Brett.  :)  A few more highlights included homegrown flowers, sweet potato butter made by the groom's family as favors, and a tractor ride for the bride and groom as they entered the reception! Here are some the vendors that helped make their beautiful day!

Cake/cupcake baker = ClipCakes, Dover & Carol White, Dillsburg
DJ = Big John, Dillsburg
Brett's Outfit = Kohl's & Bowtie from The Tie Bar
Invites & Signage = Jennifer Mashburn, North Carolina
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Cute as a Button Wedding! Laurel Rock Farm Wedding

I photographed this lovely wedding at Laurel Rock Farm in Mifflintown, PA in May.  The bride and her mother really followed through with a charming rustic "button" theme, and they made almost all of the decorations, including the lovely bridal bouquet and all of the corsages and boutonnieres, which featured of course, buttons!
While I have photographed many weddings, almost all of them incorporated many gorgeous flowers as an integral part of the décor.  What struck me as unique about this wedding is the lack of flowers.  They successfully carried out a lovely theme in a unique and personal way.

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Vendor Information
Photographer: CarisaK Photography, Camp Hill, PA
Dress: David's
Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's
Hair: Bliss Beauty Clinic in Lewistown, Pa
Makeup: Bliss Beauty Clinic in Lewistown, Pa
Décor: All of the DIY was done by the bride's mom, family, and friends.
Caterer: Kick'n Katerer
Cake/Cupcakes: Terri Thompson, owner at Terri's Cakes, Cookies and Beyond
Dj: David Beaver and Jakub Vanyo
Video: Beaver Productions